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Cozy and Luxe Home Display in Merchandise Mart Lobby

Cadmium Interiors, now Kristin Taghon Interior Designs, was asked to create a Home Display/Vignette in the Merchandise Mart Lobby.

We told a visual story of a family spending a comfortable moment in their living room. The room is warm with color and light from a sexy Julian Chichester copper lamp. We used beautiful consignment pieces from two of Chicago's MANY local consignment stores: two Chinese tables, a Chinese Rice Basket and a metal table and a gorgeous green settee. We found a new and simply decadent silk and wool rug from Oscar Isberian Rugs. Then we inserted a couple great pull toys and a coffee mug, a pretty leather pocket book, luxurious throws and a French object pillow.

Can't you just imagine a family enjoying a day together in their home?


KTID thrives on creating beautiful moments in people's lives. The way to do this is to create spaces where they want to spend time in and LIVE.

Here we created a space that introduces warmth where coziness is desired. We know that people want to keep items of importance and memories and mix in luxury when possible. We wanted to show that you can keep those momentous pieces and have luxe as well. In fact, here we show that you can find gorgeous pieces on consignment as well!  We can work with a budget and introduce luxury items here and there to create elegance.

We used contrasting colors in the settee (green) and the wallpaper (purple), adjacent colors on the color wheel in the tables (red/orange) and the wallpaper (purple). Then we repeated pattern in the wallpaper and the rug. Accessories here and there in neutral colors and you have a room that speaks to you!


We showed you how to mix luxury and consignment, color and pattern and old and new. We follow rules but push the envelope at least once in a room to create uniqueness.