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Gold Coast Retail Design

In 2011 Cadmium, now KTID, provided a design to a Gold Coast retailer to redesign a boutique. We were given a tight budget to completely transform the space.


  • We re-arranged the clothing and shoe groupings into categories by style and color.
  • We determined that a shelf should run above the clothing racks on both sides of the long narrow space.
  • Branding was pulled from the client's logo and was incorporated into a sitting area.
  • The cash wrap of the  boutique was moved near the door for safety reasons.
  • New flooring was proposed to replace the carpet.


Our retail client will now have her shoppe branded with her personality in an elegant yet spunky design. The new space will be much more organized and divided into areas for comfortable seating, clothing display and the cash wrap is more centrally located. Customers will be greeted as they walk in and encouraged to return as they leave the space. The entrance will also be more secure.