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Lincoln Park Condo for Resale

Our Client originally contacted KTID so that he could reface his fireplace and make other various changes to make his Lincoln Park condo more comfortable. One week after we met- everything changed! He needed to move out of state and wanted to make changes that would help sell the property.  KTID has a lot of experience with design choices for resale. We decided that a new kitchen backsplash, undercabinet LED lighting, space planning, new lighting in the Living Room, and  an updated look to the fireplace would create a fresh look.


We consulted with the Client's realtor to determine the most impactful areas for re-design. It was a collaborative process, and we made some interesting and cost effective choices. The Space Planning was communicated with a drawing, and physically moving furniture around the condo.

  • KTID specified the back splash install, recessed lighting layout, fireplace design, and moving the current kitchen junction box. 
  • We specified DIMMABLE LED Strip Under Cabinet Lighting. LED lighting does not emit heat, lights last for 50K hours (close to 10 years)
  • We specified dimmers throughout the Living and Dining Room that will dim fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, and LED Lighting.
  • We were able to reuse the original housings of the recessed cans and provided a new layout.
  • To save cost, we painted the fireplace an accent color to co-ordinate with the kitchen backsplash.
  • The TV cable was relocated so that the future tenant could view TV from far across the room.


The end result was a polished and functional home that is neutral yet modern- appealing to many home buyers.